Problem with com4 and serial port.

I having a problem with the serial port. Whenever I try to run a serial port example it does not work. I know how to use google, so I figured out a solution, under device manager change to com4. Unrelated, but for a while now I have had to click reset whenever I upload, I don't know why. Now back on track. What I wanted to do, was whenever someone sent something over serial port, it would send data to a neopixel light, now when I uploaded it, and opened serial monitor, and typed in command, nothing happened. I know it is not a neopixel problem, I tested it already, and I know it is not a problem with my code, because whenever I type a command, a small orange light apears, not on the led, but on a light on the board. I really do not know what the problem is. Some help would be nice. :slight_smile:

I am dumb. Fixed it by changing com port under sketch tab. :confused:

You shouldn't be changing anything in Device Manager.

Which OS?
Does your Arduino have a CH340/CH341. That requires a driver in Windows.