Problem with connecting Arduino UNO R3 board to PC

I just bought an Arduino and started with the basics, eveything went fine with installing drivers and the board connected to my PC without any problem. But after a reboot of my computer the board refuses to be recognized and only shows up as an unknown device.

I have tried to install new drivers and i have watched multiple youtube videos on this issue but no luck there. I tried the board on a different computer but the same thing happened there (it shows up as an unrecognized device). I’m quiet sure that the cable is intact because it worked moments before.

While troubleshooting there was no cables connected to the board except the USB one.

I am on Windows 10 and the board is an Arduino UNO R3, and I am using IDE ARDUINO 1.8.10

In the attached file are all the different drivers i have tried manually.

I would be much greatful for any advices that could solve my issue.

arduino drivers.png

First off try rolling back to IDE 1.8.9 as there have been reported issues with 1.8.10

Then you may want to start with these posts.