Problem with connecting ENC28J60 ethernet board to Arduino.

Hi, I have problem connecting HanRun ENC82J60 mini ethernet board to Arduino. I have tried connecting it to both micro and Leonardo using connections below: VCC - 3,3V GND - GND SCK - PIN 13 SO - PIN 12 SI - PIN 11 CS - PIN 8 I also tried connecting it to Leonardo via ICSP but that didn't worked either. Here is the library that I have used: Red LED on the ethernet board is on. I was running backSoon example and serial monitor was returning either nothing or "Failed to access Ethernet controller". Does anyone know what's the problem?

VIAX: SCK - PIN 13 SO - PIN 12 SI - PIN 11

That won't work. You need to connect it to the ICSP pins. See:


Remember to configure the library to use pin 8 in your ether.begin() statement.

It turned out that my previous ICSP connection was perfectly fine but one thing that was missing was configuring library to use pin 8, thank you for mentioning that.