problem with connecting LCD

I have original Arduino Duemilanove 328

Tried to connect it to Winstar 2004d LCD screen(as I understand it's HD44780 compartible)

At 1st step I tried to connect lcd gnd and +5 pins to Arduino
(how it was shown here
to see some reaction of LCD but arduino immediately disconnected from PC and it looks like it loose power (no led lights)

What can it be?

my LCD:

Hello tunelix,

Are you wiring Gnd and +5 correctly? If you disconnect the wires Arduino reboots? "it loose power" sounds like a shortcut.

Anyway, you can test powering arduino from external power supply than USB.

Good luck

this is how situation looks like:

seems I checked all possibilities of shortcut with multimeter
and everything is ok

If you disconnect the wires Arduino reboots?
it looks like all power "go to LCD" and nothing leave for arduino
windows make sound like USB device was disconnected

thinking about fast way to power it by external source
but I don't believe LCD screen wants so much power

thank you for answer


I see two problems.

First - the LCD in the linked datasheet has non-standard power pins. Most LCD displays (such as the one in the LiquidCrystal tutorial) have +5v on pin 1 and GND on pin 2. Yours has these two reversed.

Second - even with the correct power connections you won't see anything on the LCD unless you connect pin 3, the LCD drive (or contrast).