Problem with connecting Nano v3 to Sharp Proximity Sensor

I am trying to connect a Sharp Analog IR Distance Sensor GP2Y0E02A to a nano v3. It accepts 2.7 - 3.3 v so I have it connected to 3.3 v from the arduino but I dont get serial output, just complete blank… not sure why since I copied the code identically from bottom of this page (

Here is a pic I took of the circuit on my breadboard:

  Arduino GP2Y0E02B example code
  Gets range from GP2Y0E02B and prints it to the serial monitor.

  By James Henderson 2014

#include <Wire.h>

int distance = 0;                // Stores the calculated distance 
byte high, low = 0;              // High and low byte of distance
int shift = 0;                   // Value in shift bit register

#define ADDRESS       0x80 >> 1  // Arduino uses 7 bit addressing so we shift address right one bit
#define DISTANCE_REG  0x5E
#define SHIFT         0x35

void setup()
  // Start comms
  delay(50);  // Delay so everything can power up
  // Read the sift bit register from the module, used in calculating range
  Wire.requestFrom(ADDRESS, 1);
  while(Wire.available() == 0);
  shift =;

void loop()
  // Request and read the 2 address bytes from the GP2Y0E02B
  Wire.requestFrom(ADDRESS, 2);
  while(Wire.available() < 2);
  high =;
  low =;
  distance = (high * 16 + low)/16/(int)pow(2,shift); // Calculate the range in CM
  Serial.print("Distance is ");

From the sensor datasheet: "Please use an electric source with an output current of 150mA or more because LED pulse current is more than 100mA".

The 3.3volt output of an official Nano tops at 50mA. A clone not even half of that.
An Uno/Mega (150mA) would be ok.