problem with custom-made theme

Hello everyone, I recently made a custom theme, and am now facing the problems which are in the attachments.
Hope you know a way to fix the problems!
thanks in advance.

Arduino IDE problems.png


No readable text between void and the ()

The reason it's not readable is you used colors with very little contrast (white text on tan background). The solution should be obvious, use contrasting colors.

The braclets are not visible anymore

Likely to be the same problem, only the colors have zero contrast.

I wrote some documentation for Arduino IDE themes and a sketch to make it easier to check contrast between all your colors:

It looks like the text of function names is set to white, and the color of the parens to the same grey as the highlighting color. If you look really closely (might have to fiddle with monitor contrast), you'll see that the name of the function is present - it's just white on light yellow....

Here is the theme’s color file, as you can see there is nothing that can change that braclet color, only the lining around it.

theme.txt (3.34 KB)

There's another file that also has theme settings: lib/theme/syntax/default.xml
In that file there is a matchedBracket setting. I think that's the one you need to edit.