problem with delay of webserver using ethernet shield

I am working on a servo motor control project with my Uno sensing the motor shaft rotation and counting the rotations. The Uno is also sending commands to the motor control. The Uno has an ethernet shield and takes it's commands from an external browser via the ethernet line and a webserver running on the Uno.. All that works pretty well. Here's where the problem comes in - I would like to monitor from the browser - every couple of seconds what distance the motor has travelled - but when I make a request via an external browser to Uno webserver, the Uno takes maybe half a second or more to process that, and in the mean time doesn't monitor the motor shaft, losing completely the count of turns the motor has gone.

I am using the standard ethernet library, which comes with several ethernet routines - all I need is to send a few variables - motor distance, speed, and read the shaft location back (a single float number) . Is there any two-way communication that would provide a fast connection from the browser to the arduino quicker than the webserver in the ethernet library? In that library is a chat server also - but I could really use another library if it would work. I note that the Arduino serial monitor is easily fast enough to readout the motor shaft feedback I seek - so I'm now thinking about a second Uno dedicated to the webserver application and connected maybe via I2C to get the data. Or what about a faster Arduino - not sure how much faster they get. Sorry if that was an ear full. Any observations or ideas are welcome.

I think you need to post your code as using ethernet & webserver should not take anything like that long.
Remember to post the code within code tags - otherwise things will be interreted as html.

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