Problem with dew sensor HDS 10 Arduino

How to connect the sensor to the dew HDS 10 Arduino. And the code to him. Thank you.

Reading a dew sensor is not much different from reading a thermistor or LDR.

Try a 47k resistor from an analogue input to 5volt. And the dew sensor from input to ground. Read the value of the analogue input.

Ok to experiment, but with DC on these sensors they won't last longer than a few months in a humid environment. If this is for a permanent install, I would try this.

47k resistor between a PWM output pin (5 or 6) and an analogue pin. 10uF capacitor from analogue pin to sensor. Other sensor pin to ground. Now there is AC on the sensor, and it doesn't corrode that fast.

Set the PWM pin to 50%: analogWrite (5, 128); Get the A/D values during PWM HIGH and PWM LOW, and subtact the values.

Note that these sensors are DEW sensors, not so much humidity sensors. They have their greatest sensitivity in the 90% humidity range. I use one of these condensation sensors to activate a fan in my bathroom. Leo..