Problem with DFRduino Nano V3.1

So I'm trying to program this LED Matrix Kit - DEV-11861 - SparkFun Electronics LED Matrix kit. I got it working perfectly on an Arduino 101, however on the Nano everything is completely off. I know that I'm wiring it right. I've also tried different pins and different ways of powering it but nothing works. There are parts on the Nano where it looks somewhat right, but then there are parts where it looks completely off. Is there a problem with compatibility?

This section specifically says it's NOT for questions about your project - why did you post a question about your project in this section? I have reported to mods and asked them to move to appropriate section.

We cannot hope to help you if we do not know the code you are using - particularly since it is most likely that that is where the problem lies. Please post the code you are using, enclosed in code tags, and links to any and all libraries it uses.

"everything is completely off" is not a technical description of a problem - in fact, it tells us NOTHING other than it doesn't work. Please describe the failure modes you are observing, how it differs from what you see on the '101, and under what conditions it misbehaves, if you know.

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