Problem with disconnecting the computert

I've got a problem with a project im working on. I am building a arduino based quadcopter. Which is powered by a 3s Li-Po battery. The arduino recieves power from the voltage regulator to keep itr down to ~5V.

My problem is as follows, I programmed the 4 ESCs to the motors, my program worked as wanted. Then I disconnected the computercable to go with only the 3S battery, but then the ESCs didnt act as wanted, they didn't do the correct beep initially but the did and the motors were automatically put to maximum speed.

What am i doing wrong? Thanks for answers

Something is wrong with your power supply.

I'd start with all motors detached, until that works. Then add one motor after another, and finally get a battery of the really required voltage and capacity.

Inga started with all off THE motors detached. I initially connectef just One and it didnt work. One arduino, One ESP and then 4 20amp ESC with 4 2300kV motors. What battery should i go for. A 25C 2200 mAh 3s didnt works.

Thank you for replying :)

You missed to disclose any voltage. 2300kV seems not to be a reasonable motor voltage.