Problem with drivers installation for arduino uno

Hi. We bought Arduino starter kit and we just installed arduino software for windows 7.
The problem starts when we try to connect the arduino uno to the pc.
We follow the instructions inserting the usb and then Windows cannot find drivers. The device is called by the name: ATmega16u2 DFU
Then we go to install the drivers from the specific location in pc (C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\drivers) BUT windows CANNOT find proper drivers to install... so the device canno be instaled.
In the above folder, I can see the file "arduino-org.inf" that I think is the propper one, but windows cannot.

What should I do? Help please.

This post is a duplicate. There are many posts available in this forum when you search for "ATmega16u2 DFU driver"

Instead of slapping me for having a connection problem, I would Appreciate if you showed me the message with the clear solution.
Even more, because this problem is not only dublicated, but multiple times asked, I would expect a forum moderator to flag it somehow in common problems, together with the solution. Because I search for an hour now and I cannot find a clear answer. Other say that need replacement, others to write the firmware...
Any clear answer is much appreciated.

Which Arduino are you using?

If that is in Windows device manager, it would indicate that the 16U2 was not programmed with the correct software and you'll have to program it. That however is, to my knowledge, not possible without additional tools or another Arduino.

My advise is to discuss with the seller, ask for a new one / swap / refund.

Where did you buy it?

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