Problem with DS18B20 temp sensor: Interference between Wire and Onewire libs?

Hi. I am trying to use a dallas DS18B20 temperature sensor with arduino Yún, but enabling both Wire and OneWire libraries is causing a problem with the output temperature:
When I use the “Simple” example from DallasTemperature library, I get the temperature without problems, but when I include Wire library and add the Wire.begin() instruction (inside void setup), I get a wrong value of celcius degrees (-127.00).
There is no command to temporally disable (turn off) Wire library, so, can everyone give me some other guidelines to solve this problem?

Ups, this is an autoreply...

I can not use the pin D2 for dallas temp sensor, because it is the SDA (I2C) pin in Leonardo, the board that I am using...
My problem solved when I changed the One wire bus to D4...
Sorry and thanks again!

M. C.