Problem with DuinOS

Hi, im trying to get started with DuinOs but output signals doesn't works It dont get Voltage to them and the DuinOS examples doesn't works too im using DuinOS_v0.3_Alpha_dev_svn20101222 and thats the code im trying to run:

declareTaskLoop(greenled); declareTaskLoop(redled); declareTaskLoop(yellowled);

taskLoop(redled) { digitalWrite(8, HIGH); delay(2000); digitalWrite(8, LOW); delay(2000); }

taskLoop(greenled) { digitalWrite(9, HIGH); delay(4000); digitalWrite(9, LOW); delay(4000); }

taskLoop(yellowled) { delay(2000); digitalWrite(10, HIGH); delay(4000); digitalWrite(10, LOW); delay(2000); }

void setup() { pinMode(8, OUTPUT); pinMode(9, OUTPUT); pinMode(10, OUTPUT);

createTaskLoop(redled, NORMAL_PRIORITY); createTaskLoop(greenled, NORMAL_PRIORITY); createTaskLoop(yellowled, NORMAL_PRIORITY);


void loop() { nextTask() ; }

Thanks for your time

What's DuniOS? Might get more help if you went to a DuniOS forum as this primarily supports the Arduino Environment.

Sorry, what I wanted to say is DuinOS