Problem with editor font (Windows 7 64 bit)

Hi all.
I am really new to the fantastic Arduino world. Just today I received my first Arduino Uno kit and the book “Getting started with Arduino” by Benzi.
I already installed the drivers and the IDE, and the first simple experiment with the blinking led was successful.
Anyway I have a quite big problem at present. On my system, with Windows 7 64 bit, monitor 27" 1920*1080, the Editor font is so thin to be almost unreadable. At first I simply tried to increase the size in Preferences, but the situation remained critical. Then, after reading in the forum, I tried to change the value for the editor.font line in the preferences.txt file. But I am not able to see any change after restarting the IDE (I always change the preferences.txt with the IDE closed). Do you have any suggestion? For me with this font it almost impossible working with the editor.

By the way, I think that, considering that Arduino is devoted not only to expert people, as Benzi underlines in the book, a simple font choice in the editor would be very welcome.


In preferences.txt find the "editor.font=" line. If yours is set to monospaced,plain,12 try changing it toeditor.font=Monospaced,bold,14 If that doesn't help, can you post a screen shot?


Thanks for the advice Pete. I found the problem, I was changing the preferences. txt directly in the Arduino install folder, instead than that one in the Appdata/Roaming/Arduino. My mistake, changing the line in the correct file I have been finally able to obtain a better situation. I also found that modifying the file theme.txt in the installation folder /arduino-1.0/lib/theme it is possible to control other aspects of the UI, as the colors for background, comments and so on.

Thanks again.