Problem with Ethernet DHCP and SD card on Ethernet+SD HanRun Wiznet Shield

Hi everybody, i'm having problems with my Ethernet Shield. When I start the communication with the server does it well, but return me an error from chipSelect pin n° 4, which is the selected pin to confirm SD is present or avaiable. Well, what I noted was, when the shield is trying to connect to the network, the CS pin is "down" or "false", but when the connection is established, CS pin goes "up" or "true". That's give me an error trying to open to read or wirte on SD. Is it for the handler on Ethernet librarie? Help Please! Thanks a lot. Regards.

PD: if someone need the code let me know ASAP. Thanks again.

What CS pin are you talking about? D10 or D4?

It really doesn't matter. Disable both the W5100 and the SD card SPI before starting either.

void setup() {


  // rest of your setup stuff