problem with ethernet library since updating to 022

hi im having problems with the ethernet library since the last arduino update.

everything compiles and therese no error messages but i cant connect to the ethernet shield. when im trying to ping it it says host is down no connection.

im using arduino duemilanove with atmega 328 and a ethernet shield with a wiznet 5100 chip on it.
and the latest version of the developing environment. (0022)

is there anyone that has a solution or have the sam problem as me.

What version did you upgrade from? I don't think the change to the IDE makes any difference. Why did you upload new code to the functioning Arduino?

i upgraded from 0021.
mabye its not the upgrade thats the problem.

i was about to start a new project it didnt work so i loaded the web client example to the arduino and added

#include <SPI.h>

to the example and change the ip to the one i wanted to use

to se if it was something wrong with code i had written or something elese.

it did not work with the web client example either.
next I tried the web server example it did not work.
i cheked the status led on the shield and every thing looks ok.
the rx and tx leds flash sometimes.

next i tried another shield but with the same result.

then i tried another arduino board but it did not work either.

now im suspecting that it is something wrong with either the library or the ide.

i have used the ethernet library before with sucess but i cant rember wich version i have used.