Problem with example in Getting Started Manual

Today I just started using Arduino. It is really great. But forgive me when I am asking something totally stupid. I am using the manual Getting started with Arduino. I am making the last example 'Arduino Networked Lamp'. In this project I need Processing and Arduino IDE working together. So I have two sketches. In the sketch for processing it says: font = loadFont("HelveticaNeue-Bold-32.vlw");

The book explains that the font in processing should be like this otherwise Arduino ide can't read it. The problem is that processing hasn't got a helvetica font. And I searched internet about this problem but can't find a solution. Does anybody know a solution? Thnx!! :)

the actual font isn't critical, try replacing: font = loadFont("HelveticaNeue-Bold-32.vlw"); with font = createFont("Arial.bold", 32);

Have fun!

You need to create the font first before you can use it. There is a utility in the IDE that does it for you.

Hi Mike, the createFont method will dynamically convert a font that is on the computer for use by processing. You don't need to use an external utility if the font you want already exisits.


Ahh I missed that one.