Problem with Exosite Library using embedXcode+

I have a very confusing problem here. I am using the embedXcode+ plugin for Xcode to write, build and upload code to my arduinos. I have had success uploading simple sketches, such as blink, and also uploaded code that includes libraries. I have reach a point though, using the Exosite library (from github). I get an error that makes no sense and that I can not troubleshoot.
The best way for someone else to understand/troubleshoot the issue will be to likely try and use the Exosite library and embedXcode (also free) and try an upload using the #include “Exosite.h”

I am wondering if anyone else has had tried this or had issues.
After including all of the appropriate libraries, includes, and the adding them in the makefile, when I try and build the script I get the error:

Shell Script Invocation Error
‘r3’ was not declared in this scope

I am totally lost and have truly reached a dead end.

Mac OS Yosemite
Exosite library

when I try and build the script I get the error:

What script?

‘r3’ was not declared in this scope

I’m nearly certain that the compiler is right. I’m also certain that the message contained more information than that.