Problem with find

In Arduino IDE beta, you can find in all of TAB.
Can you sort the tabs in alphabetical order


I don't see a way of sorting the tabs automatically but you can drag them into any order that you like

The default ordering of the tabs is intentional. It reflects the order in which the .ino files of the sketch will be concatenated together during the build process. It would be difficult to understand the program structure with them displayed in another order.

As for .h, .cpp, .c, and .S files, these are not concatenated at all, so the order of their tabs is not so important.

But I don't understand how this is related to a problem with "find". @vincent84, please provide a detailed description of the problem.

OK for move TAB, but in old IDE the are option to find in all the sketch :
Capture find

in the new IDE, you can't find in all.


In the new Ar2.0 IDE you'll have to use the magnifying glass in the leftmost column. This, in fact, is searching and replacing so much, that you may be struggling with defining where it must not search (and replace).

I also find it awkward and would prefer a Find option, which allows to search only the current tab or all of them.

That's the way!

I have not had problems with getting the results I want from it. But it is certainly a lot more complex than the classic IDE's Find dialog. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, I sometimes wished for missing capabilities from the old IDE's find and replace, but on the other hand I think it's very important for the Arduino IDE's UI to provide a gentle learning curve.

I have the advantage of having started using VS Code regularly about 6 months before the release of Arduino IDE 2.x. They are built on the same framework and also share some UI conventions even beyond that, so a familiarity with VS Code can often provide a good head start at learning Arduino IDE 2.x.

You can get that via Ctrl + F it's the UI shown in the second screenshot.

Oh yes !! L'll see the magnifying glass in the left

Thank you very much

You are faking what I said, which was:

Blockquote ... would prefer a Find option, which allows to search only the current tab or all of them.

Currently I need to do two different actions to do one or the other.

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