problem with" for" statement

I have an elegoo UNO R3 . Have copied out Motor Speed sketch in Arduino for Dummies 3 times

for (int motorValue = 0; motorValue<=255; motorValue +=5);{
analogWrite(motorPin,motorValue );

for (int motorValue = 255; motorValue>=0; motorValue-=5);{
analogWrite( motorPin, motorValue);

get error message "motorValue"was not declared in this scope.

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You have a ; after each of your for statements. ; means “end of statement” and this is your problem.

//This is wrong
for (int motorValue = 0;  motorValue<=255; motorValue +=5);{
  analogWrite(motorPin,motorValue );

//This is right
for (int motorValue = 0;  motorValue<=255; motorValue +=5)
  analogWrite(motorPin,motorValue );