Problem with fsr402 stability measurements

I use fsr402 sensor but the measurement results are not accurate and stabile, especially at 1.5kg weight ( unpredictable results). I am interested in how I could improve the stability of the measurement, whether there is a some module or any other option that can contribute to the stability. My application need a sensor for precise and stable measurement of weight up to 2 kg but thin and small in size.
I would like your opinion and recommendation.
Thanks in advance.

According to the Digikey page for this device it say "This force sensitivity is optimized for use in human touch control of electronic devices such as automotive electronics, medical systems, and in industrial and robotics applications."
From my interpretation of the data sheet, this is not a precision measuring device. Saying that, you have not specified your requirements.
Perhaps consider a load cell.
Have a look at this posting:


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