Problem with GT-511c3 fingerprint sensor

I am having difficulty setting up my fingerprint sensor. I'm using the library from and none of the example sketches work.

I have a message printing to the serial before the command and a message printing afterwards, but I only ever see the first message. Does this mean the arduino is stuck trying to open the scanner?

I also tried this code: and only saw data coming back into the serial when I unplugged and reconnected the TX wire on the sensor. Nothing happens when the wire is simply left alone.

What are the connections between the sensor and your board?

hi fndz....
i`m trying to endroll finger in to c3, thats showing error message many time, rather some time the endroll was success...

my sketch code and everything correct.

i think some problem on fps internal programming, so i need how to reboot my GT-511C3

ANYBODY plz tell me how can i reboot my fps.