Problem with h-bridge

Hi, I testing a function h-bridge on simple program loop -motors on-delay-motors off-delay H-bridge - Sometimes it happens that the motor rotates 10x times longer than it should or program just freezes (is still on or off to restart - on MCU pin is really log.1 or 0 all the time ). I checked irf7105 on oscilloscope but nothing.

If i use PWM with half voltage (analogWrite(100)) everything works.Use higher value and strange behavior is back.

But once I written a program in C and upload over iscp everything works.

Any ideas what could it be? I haven't knowledge to finding error in source code andruido

Sorry for my english--:D

The permissions on the picture link don't allow us to view it. 403 - Forbidden.

Since you posted this in the software forum, presumably you believe that this is a software issue, but you didn't post any code.

I don't think we'll be able to solve your code problems without seeing your code.