Problem with HID-project.h

I am trying my hand with my first program on an Ardunion pro micro.
The first attempts were successful and I could output simple strings as keyboard.
Unfortunately, although I selected the German keyboard under #define, I notice that with special characters and Y/Z this does not work so.
Where could be my error

#include "HID-Project.h" //HID-Project fuer Tastaturausgabe auf dem proMicro

#define HID_CUSTOM_LAYOUT // wird benoetigt fuer Tastatur
#define LAYOUT_GERMAN // deutsche Tastatur

char PW[] = "P@ssw0rt@Zugang0987";//hier steht der String

void setup() {

  BootKeyboard.begin(); // Initialisieren des Keyboards
  BootKeyboard.releaseAll();// Alle Tasten loslassen

void loop() {
  // Laufe über das Array (den String), egal, wie lange dieser ist
  for (byte i = 0; i < sizeof(PW) - 1; i++) {[i]); //drueckt die Taste des Strings an Stelle "i"
    delay (10); //wartet 10ms
    BootKeyboard.release(PW[i]);//laesst die Taste los
    delay (10);//wartet 10ms
  }// Ende der for-Schleife
  delay(5000); //Warte 5 Sekunden
} // Ende der void-loop-Schleife

If you look at the examples, you have to do the #defines FIRST, then include HID-Project.h which reacts to those #defines

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No Sorry
I tried it, but it still writes P"ssw0rt"Yugang0987


new update for HID-Project.h today and 3 minutes later everything is doing fine

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