Problem with Homemade Arduino MEGA 2560

Hi! As the title - I have a problem with atmega. I have arduino UNO, which prompted me to build your own Arduino MEGA 2560. All pretty was solder, tested with programs Mr. Gammon ( program Detector Board sees ATmega 2560 and the Board Programmer without problems and errors uploads bootloader. this place is great. To foot the CPU 26, which is marked as a digital output 13 i soldered light emitting diode with a 1K ohm resistor to like all models have LED "test". I wanted to upload a classic "blink" 'nothing special:

void setup() {pinMode(13,OUTPUT);}

void loop() 

everyone understands. The problem with the flashing, I used all the famous and well-known programmer USBASP. I installed the drivers in ArduinoIDE all set, upload using the programmer and ... ass. LED is blinking and the "loaded a successful". I also tried the Arduino as ISP and nothing. everything connected properly checked several times. Then he buried some of the end, because I used AVR DUDE and using its gotten program with atmega installed programmer, of course, in the .hex format intel. What is the format of intel? ( The results were terrible:

:20 E9C0 00 58F4903319F1903308F4E3C59F33A1F1903409F0DEC5BDC0953409F470C19634 B5
:20 E9E0 00 09F0D7C598C1923509F42BC2933538F49C3409F4F5C1913509F0CBC518C29635 0D
:20 EA00 00 09F445C2993509F0C4C567C483E792EE62E00F94F5F110920602109207021092 CB
:20 EA20 00 08021092090210920A0210920B0210920C0210920D0213C18FE792EE62E00F94 B2
:20 EA40 00 F5F18FEE90EE60E00F94F5F181E291EE60E00F94C2F187EB91EE60E00F94F5F1 DA
sample code, the programmer recorded bootloader installer by Gammon program, Recorded from atmega

Then I signed my program using the Arduino IDE as "already compiled" with the programmer file .hex designed for atmega 2560 and then discovered the error:

:10 00B0 00C0C00000BEC00000BCC00000BAC00000 4C
:10 00C0 00B8C00000B6C00000B4C00000B2C00000 5C
:10 00D0 00B0C00000AEC00000ACC00000AAC00000 6C
:10 00E0 00A8C000004B024E023D02410247028502 B9
:10 00F0 00520256025C02600264026A026E027202 DE
sample code written by Arduino IDE

As you can see from the data ArdunoIDE they are 2 times shorter word than is required. You can upload the code, but it does not work. Instead, the entire memory is reset.

And here my question - did you build mabye Arduino MEGA 2560? you had contact with the microcontroller? I know I can "blink" to write in assembler, but it depends on my c ++, because I had written the code for the microcontroller. How to upload a program? maybe another programmer. I thought the programmer TTL - FTDI. Thanks in advance for your help :D

~ Garbus