Problem with IDE

hola. I have a question. when I make a new Skretch and give it to compile on the black screen I get down Binary sketch size: 4184 bytes (of a 32256 byte maximum) mean?

Rooo: "Binary sketch size: 4184 bytes (of a 32256 byte maximum)" mean?

It means: The Board you selected has 32,256 bytes of available FLASH (program) memory. The sketch you compiled will use 4,184 bytes of FLASH (program) memory when uploaded to that Board.

Please note that the sketch size is only the amount of FLASH it needs. Your sketch will also need RAM for your variables, string constants, objects, and a 'stack' so even though you have not run out of FLASH you may run out of RAM, particularly if you use a lot of string constants ("This is a string constant.") or large array variables (int largeArray[1000]; ).

Thank you. I have a problem. when I have the code in the arduino and I want to test it which is what I do? I will verify and compile but not where I need to see the result.

Test your sketch? Upload it to your Arduino and see if the Arduino does what you want it to do.

If your sketch uses Serial.print() for output you click on the "Serial Monitor" button at the top right of the sketch window to open a terminal window. At the bottom of the Serial Monitor window, select the data rate specified by the Serial.begin(rate) call in your sketch.

Thank you. when I load an example already in the program a "sketch" I give and then check "serial monitor" in "serial monitor" I get a white screen where it says the port I am using and I put down Serial.begin 9600 (9600), because I do not see anything? I do something else

Your arduino does what you tell it to do. One particularly visible and easy to set up thing it can do is print to the serial monitor. Try running the DigitalReadSerial example to print out the current value of a pin.

Of course, you need to think up something you want it to do before you can start really using it.

Here's a simple sketch to show the serial monitor working, flashes the onboard LED once when a character is received from the serial monitor & sends it back for display:

byte incomingByte;

void setup(){
Serial.begin(9600);  // start serial uart
void loop(){
if (Serial.available()>0){  // did a byte come in? 
incomingByte =;  // yes, read it
Serial.print (incomingByte);  // and send it back out
digitalWrite(13, HIGH);  // turn the LED on
delay (50);
digitalWrite(13, LOW); // and back off
}  // end of byte available check
} // end of loop, start again!

when I put this code in the program in the serial monitor I get nothing the screen is white

I have an Arduino board and a xbee. on the arduino board I have connected a xbee transmitter that acts as the other board I have another xbee that acts as a receiver. I want you both to communicate and I set to the same address and Ch ID each with different ATmy DL. what I see is you and the other information transmitted from the xctu the recipient. a simple example to check it out but can not find enough information anyone can help me?

I have a arduino board, the arduino version 1.0 I write a code when I verify it, I load it on the board and I get black screen on the bottom (done compiling), it works fine, but after that should the give “serial monitor” and I get no results from the code that I have done. , I get the white screen. What should I do?, The jumpers are located in the USB position are well placed?