Problem with Intel Galileo

Im new in this forum so I would like to say HI to everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I have such a big problem, I am doing a project which is 4x4x4 led cube using tlc5940 mux. Everything is fine when I am compiling the code on Arduino Uno, but now my challenege is to transfer that to ' Intel Galileo Gen 2 ' board. I have downlaod different IDE for that but still I get an error back which says: Documents\Arduino\libraries\Tlc5940/pinouts/chip_includes.h:117:2: error: #error "Unknown Chip!"

So I start research, first of all I create new header file for intel galileo and I configured the pins and defined them. The next step was do define that header file in tlc_config.h but still is the same error.

Now I know that Arduino Uno and a lot of different boards just have an ICs which you need to configure but INTEL GALILEO has an MICROPROCESSOR instead of IC.

So If any1 could help me with that error I will be really glad,

THANX FOR HELP :sunglasses:

What sort of Galileo have you got? If it is the first issue then forget it.

If the second I don't know but I still doubt it.

The Arduino TLC5940 libraries use a hardware timer on the ATMEL chip, this is not present on the Galileo. Also the Galileo design is poor which means you can't change most of the I/O pins very quickly. For all it's processing power the design for I/O is poor, Intel just don't get real time.

Hi Mike, thanks for reply.

I am using 2nd version of galileo so there is possibility to get that working I HOPE. I was thinking about changing the chip for 74HC595 but I don't like to give up and I would like to get working tlc5940.

What you think, should I start write my own library for that particular chip or what you could recommend ? If you say to write the library its ok, but that will be difficult and it will take a lot of time and a lot of research and so on...

At the begin I had a lot of errors but I modified few things in libraries and that error ''unknown chip'' is really last one...

I can see you are experienced person, so maybe you could recommend me someone that I can talk about this ? Someone whoknow the theme :)

I will appreciate ur help


It is not just a matter of getting rid of the compiler message, you have to get it to work and I am not sure that the galileo is up to it. If I was in your position I would use the PCA9685 chip. This is like the TLC5940 in that it offers 16 channels of PWM. It does not have the constant current drive but you can sink the current for one LED per channel, see the data sheet. However the big plus is that it interfaces through I2C and is a set and forget interface. The TLC5940 requires feeding constantly with pulses.

maybe you could recommend me someone that I can talk about this ? Someone who know the theme

I would post the request on Intel's Galileo web site, but I don't hold out much hope.