Problem with interfacing ADXL335.

Hello people,

I have a three axis ADXL335 accelerometer and i have simply connected it to my Leonardo according to connections given in the example on the Arduino website. I have tried the example program and also a number of other programs on the internet but i just can't get the correct values. I have also used more than one pieces of the accelerometer. Almost every time i am getting absolutely random values on my serial montior irrespective of any kind of motion of my accelerometer. I basically want to develop a project in which i can monitor the movement of a stick in my hand and be able to perfom various functions according to the movement of the stick but i just can't seem to get my accelerometer stable in the first place. Would really appreciate any help i receive.

Thanks in advance. Ananth

if the adxl.. has an onboard 3v3 regulator? Feed it from 5V (chip itself will work down to 2V, so depends on regulator chip)