Problem with IR receiver diode SEN-10266

I just spent two days troubleshooting an intermittent problem with a SEN-10266 IR receiver diode which I was using to get commands from a TV remote to drive a robot with a Arduino Uno. It was working fine all day while I was testing my robot. Then in the evening it started to miss-read the IR data from my TV remote. It seemed to stop working when I touched the IR receiving diode or moved the wiring or anything near it. It seemed to work when I held the connecting wires to the diode. Maybe a loose connection so I checked the plugs/pins. They looked ok but I still replaced them. Still the same problem. I got so frustrated I soldered the IR diode pins directly onto the connecting wire. Still the same intermittent problem. I then replaced the IR diode with a new one. Exactly the same intermittent problem. Maybe it was something in my Uno program? So I wrote a simple program to just read the IR data from the IR diode. Same dam bloody problem! Intermittent miss reads but it seemed to be a little better (less number of miss reads) when I held or jiggled the connecting wire (it was plain PVC insulated connecting wire) or even when I put my hand near the IR receiver. I tried pointing the TV remote in all different directions. Still the same problem. I replaced the batteries in the TV remote. Still the same problem. I changed the IR diode input from pin 12 to pin 11 on the Uno. Same intermittent problem. I gave up and went to bed. I left everything as it was. When I got home from work next day I tried it again and the IR diode was working perfectly! But later this evening it started to miss-read again.

I finally found the problem.

Can anyone guess what was causing my problem?

Interference from artificial lights turned on in the evening?

compact fluorescent lights in particular?

No. Sorry. The lights in the room are incandescent. But you are getting close.