problem with java Desktop by bluetooth

I need to control arduino with HC-05 module with java desktop program So after search i found
now i can send data from smart phone(Master) to ardunio (Slave) using bleutooth terminal
i can also send data from smart phone(Master) to to java program (Slave)

but i cannot make arduino communicate with java program because they are both Slaves So how to make any one of this as Master ??

I presume the java program will be on a PC.

I can never get my head around all the gobbledegook in a java program but I have written several JRuby programs to communicate with an Arduino using both RxTx and the newer JSSC. There is an example in this Thread. It may give you some ideas.


Ardulink is able to establish Bluetooth connections.
See new release here: Ardulink

see here how I've used a module like yours to drive a smart car