Problem with LCD I2C PCF2119

I’m not able to write a library to display something on my LCD screen MC21605E6W-SPTLYI (MIDAS Display).
I tried a lot of libraty but no one works.
Is it possible to have a help.
I have a Arduino Uno and this beautiful LCD screen I2C + PCF2119
Best regards

PCF2119X-I2C.pdf (350 KB)

I don't think you will find an existing library that will work.

A cursory glance at the data sheet you provided shows that the instruction set and timing sequence is similar to that of the HD44780 that drives most character mode displays. This means that it should be possible, although not trivial, to drive this device using similar techniques.


Thank you very much for your help, I will try to modify an existing libray in order to have similars signals that the manufacter want. Thank you, Best regards Olivier

Hello, I have the same LCD screen, and i tried lot of library but nothing works. Do you found a solution to displau something? Best regards Sébastien