Problem with LCD, touch doesn't work

Hello eveyrone,

I am using a 3,2 LCD with an Arduino Mega and an Ethernet Shield. After putting many hours of work, i managed to show everything I want on the screen and on the same time run a webserver, from which I can change some of the values on the screen. Everything went well until I tested the touch component. I checked the SPI and everything seems to work well, i even changed the SS pin in order to solve this. I printed the X and Y coordinates on the screen so that I can see if it receives any data and as it turns out, they're zero. I tried different pins or different arrangements on my code but nothing helped. Without the Webserver code it works perfectly.

Did anybody ever had this problem? Do you have any idea how to solve this?


Is it detecting any touch on the screen? Even if it doesn't get the right coordinates or just 0/0 or -1/-1?

Yes. The fact that it prints the X and Y coordinates means that it recognises the touch but it doesn't recognise where I am touching the screen...

My Touch shows -1/-1 even if I am not touching it.

Did you calibrate it?

No I don't believe I have to, because without the Webserver code it works perfectly. After I added the Webserver code, it started the problem with the touch, so I don't believe that calibration is the problem... But thanks anyway!

Uhmm.. you could start telling us that. I have no idea then.

Yeah, my bad. I edited my first message.