Problem with LCD


I'm quite new to the world on Arduino and i'm testing a lcd 16x2 now .. I tried but get strange thing, i'm using the liquidlibrary and the helloworld example. When i upload it i get full of Sharp then full of 3 then full of C then full of S I verified 20 times the wiring and it' ok.. (4bit wiring) the LCD is a LM093LN and compatible with HD44780 he have 2 ICs :HDD44780a00 and HD44100H.

Tried aother example or the 4bitlibrary but none is working .. Is my LCD dead ? Thanks in advance. Nico

wow... i finally get this lcd to work with LCD4bit .. but i needed to invert the pinout .. in LCD4bit db4 to db7 should be connected to arduion input 7 to 10. and the Enable to pin 2 .. i didn't know that the pinout is different ..

But with liquidLibrary it still doesn't work (with the liquidlib pinout)

Is There other people that a HS44780 compatible LCD work with LCD4 pin and not LiquidLib ??



I verified 20 times the wiring and it' ok..

Probably not, otherwise it would work!

Go to and carefully follow the step by step instructions.


I have two 16x2 LCD's and it is freaking weird. I know both are good as I have a circuit that drives them but one will absolutely fail and the other works perfect. I stick the one that fails back with it's working unit and it works. I suspect a timing issue but now that I have one working I'm not going to beat myself up trying to get the other to work.


What library are you using?

Many of the existing LCD libraries, LCD4bit included, do not follow the manufacturers recommended initialization procedures for the LCD controller. Those libraries will usually work with some LCD modules but will not work with all of them, especially when the Arduino is reset without power cycling.

The current version of the Arduino LiqiuidCrystal library (v0018) follows most of the manufacturers recommendations and should work with any HD44780 compatible LCD controller.