problem with libraries?

im trying to make a datalogger wich keeps track of time and date! but i cant get the libraries to work.
i download the zip file from i extract it paste the folders in to to the libraries folder like i have always done before and it does not work this is driving me mad right now! am i doing something wrong i mean when i wreite #include <Time.h> the text does not turn orange ! please help out!..

it does not work

What does that mean?

im not getting the libraries to work! wtf am i doing wrong been ***** around with this for hours now. it should be that easy just download paste in to libraries and go! but its not

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Have you placed it in the libraries folder?
What errors does the IDE give you?
Is the library compatible with arduino 1.0 ( get error about 'wprogram.h' )?

If the problem is the coloured text, I really wouldn't worry about it.

im not getting the libraries to work!

When you can describe what that means without resorting to bad language, please feel free to post your explanation.