Problem with location.href when accessing Arduino from a remote location


I have a question. I have an Arduino Web-server attached to a modem with a static IP address that I can access from a remote location. The arduino’s port is forwarded in the router so I can access it remotely. My question is, when I access the Ardiuno web-server from a remote location via the static IP :port the address resolves correctly and brings up my html page with my button event controls. But when I push one of the buttons using the following code <input type=button value=‘Lock Open’ onmousedown=location.href=’./?1-on’> at the remote location using IE/Chrome, the webpage refreshes with only the static ip address dropping the <:port number> which causes the page load to fail. However, if I use the Firefox browser, push the same event button the page refreshes fine because refresh URL contains both the IP and port address. Why doesn’t this code <input type=button value=‘Lock Open’ onmousedown=location.href=’./?1-on’> work properly from a remote location using IE/Chrome. I could just use Firefox, but I’d like to know if maybe I’m not formatting the html event code correctly with the Arduino device events. I suspect the IE/Chrome is not handling the location.href code correctly like Firefox. Not sure.

Could some expert shed some light on this for me. I’m hoping to find a button event solution that will work for all browsers.