Problem with making a .header file

So I was making a header file to help modulate my project (building a header for a h-bridge) and i can’t use the digitalWrite(int,int)function in it. I was wondering if there is any way around this?

#include <WProgram.h>

thanks :P now to conquer a old problem I've always had with C++, passing an array :D

now to conquer a old problem I’ve always had with C++, passing an array

It’s just like passing gas. Only hard the first time.

I think the problem I'm facing with passing an array to a class constructor is I'm getting a "cannot convert 'int*' to 'int[0]' in assignment. I was trying to do this

class hBridgeControl{ int pin_output[]; public: hBridgeControl(int pins[]); };

hBridgeControl::hBridgeControl(int pins[]){ pin_output=pins; }

And I have no clue how to fix it >> (And I'm learning how to do classes in C++ it's pretty fun ^^).

You can't copy a whole array using one statement, unless that statement includes a for loop to loop through all the elements in the array.

ok that makes since then I'll try that thanks.