Problem with missing COM port and updating driver.

I am running Windows 7 (64-bit) and running the 1.6.7 IDE. Looking under the Ports in my device manager I see the Arduino UNO R3 (COM5) listed. It has the yellow triangle indicating that it is not working properly. I right clicked on it, selected update driver, selected Browse My Computer and navigated to the drivers folder in the Arduino 1.6.7 software. I then clicked "Update" but it says it cannot find a driver for my hardware.

Under the IDE menu Tools>COM it only lists COM1. There is no COM5 listed. probably because the driver is not working.

Any suggestions on fixing this?

Thanks in advance.

Please ignore this post. I downloaded the CH340 Driver and installed it and everything seems to be ok now.

Thanks for letting us know! You would be surprised at how many people get help and never return to even say it was solved.