Problem with MKR1200 (no access whatsoever)

Dear all,

I have a bricked MKR1200. I have tried everything suggested in forums but nothing seems to work.

After double clicking reset button the orange led comes up and I can see it at /dev/tty.usbmodem14411 in my macbook pro.

However, I'm not able to:

  • upload a program
  • burn bootloader
  • nor make a simple test connection in WiFi 101

Any suggestion to bring this baby to life?



some time ago i had a similar issue.
i think that mine was a bootloader problem an i solved it by make a manual reset in the uploading process.

-go to settings of the arduino IDE
-make sure the checkbox of the output while compiling is checked
-push the reset button and hold it
-click the upload button
-wait until you the IDE scan the comports and release immidiatly(!!!) the reset button the timing is very important

I found a german post in the Forum where somebody has this problem with a arduino leonardo

hope it helps