Problem with Monitoring of Battery Voltages via Serial Monitor

Hi ... I hope that you are good.

I want to monitor the battery voltages wirelessly when running the motors through COMPUTER (Perfectly runs0 and JOYSTICK (issues).

I'm using a DPDT switch when I switch it to the COMPUTER side for running the motors, it gives me a perfect result but when I switched it towards JOYSTICK side then sometimes motors run without any voltages reading and sometimes when it gives voltages reading then the motors could not be run.

I m using a DP-15 pin for my radio-link transmitter and DP-9 female connector to connect it with PC to monitor voltages ...

Here is the circuit diagram ...

I will be very thankful to you ...

I assume you do the switching while the code is running.
You might be glitching the UNO Rx/Tx and making it reboot.

Just a thought.. Tom.. :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Yes I am switching while the code is running ... so that I will run the motors with the computer while monitor the voltages as well as same with a joystick, Is there no any other way to do this ?

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