problem with multiple analogue inputs - max/msp


i'm kind of new to arduino-ing so apologies. I'm using the SimpleMessageSystem code to get arduino input to max/msp, where i've just been playing around with various pots, switches etc. My problem is that I seem to get crosstalk - the analog inputs in particular all have a huge effect on each other, making multiple inputs impossible. As I said, I'm pretty inexperienced with all this, so it could be me being stupid. The wiring is all insulated, and I have no idea how to improve on this.

Any help would be much appreciated



sounds like one of two possibilities: the software is mixing up the data coming from the inputs, or the inputs aren't configured properly, in the electrical sense.

so, how do you have the analog inputs wired?


i think i may have sorted it - it seemed to be related to how securely the board was inside the box i was using - if it moved or touched the sides then i had these crazy results leaping about. but its a bit more secure now.

the inputs were wired to switches (the digital ins seemed to do wierd things so i was using the analogs) just the 5v out to a stripboard and then to the 3 switches, then in analog 0, 2 and 4.

but like i said, it seems to be ok i think.

thanks for the reply



sounds like you also need pull-down resistors. If you just have a normally-open switch, then when the switch isn't pressed, the pin state will float. Try using a 10K resistor, as in the right-hand side diagram on this page:


thanks for your help.

would this be the reason i wasn't having much joy with the digital inputs?