Problem with Multiple Teensy LC Game Gontollers on Windows 10

The Title pretty much says it all..

What is happening is that I have a Teensy that I have done all of my development on and have had it working fully connected to Windows 10.. The problem is when I program a second Teensy LC programmed with the same code it shows up as a game device and registers with windows but when I go to Game properties it Does not show the Button Test Interface it just gives me the problem with device calibrate line...

I am wondering what might be causing this and how to get around it.. I am using the USB.c to set-up a name for the device and I am wondering if I am missing something in there that is not allowing it to detect the Second Teensy as an independent device and therefore it is thinking that the device is the same device but "not exactly" causing it to error on the testing.

I.E. do I need to set up a serial number for each one in the USB.c or something else to indicate a completely different device?

Please help as I would like to be able to run multiple devices on a single computer or at the least be able to connect a different device and have it actually read it.

Thank you,

EDIT - I was doing some checking around on the devices and I found that the error I am getting is the following " not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match"