Problem with my china 3018 cnc

OK go with the supplier support for now don't try mix the two and check each step CAREFULLY ! Sometime we try too hard and go too quickly and miss or forget something.

Also check that you have enough user privileges on your machine and you might also have to turn of your security for a brief while to get some things to work.

BTW what do you use for security JIC that's where part of the issue lies ?

what do u mean "BTW what do you use for security JIC that's where part of the issue lies"

BTW = by the way....JIC = just in case.

the supplier also ask me to send back the board and they will replace me a new one i hope sooo..

planing to get for my cheap CNC, what do you think?

im using avast, how can i check?

I would say hold off until you get your new controller.

Even if you got a UNO you would still need the driver shield (Have multiple variations here) and to be honest I prefer my machine with the supplied GRBL board.

Think you would be better off spending that money on some push buttons and limit switches. Being so new to this I am almost certain you will need both of them at some point in the near future and they may well save you some problems with crashes !

i don't think there much we can do now, looks like the board is an faulty board that can't do anything...


I know I'm really late to this conversation, but there wasn't a resolution, and I have a suggestion.

I recently obtained a 3018 PCB mill device, and when I went to hook it up to my linux workstation, no dice getting comms - the serial connected, but at best, if I hit the reset on the controller, I'd get the Grbl version banner and that was it.

If you have the little gamepad like controller - disconnect it. Chances are, that device is tying up the serial. It struck me that I was getting the initial banner, but couldn't seem to transmit (and this was in a console session using 'screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200'). Unplugging the gamepad and resetting got me what I was expecting.