problem with new installatiin

When I was installing the Arduino software from the web, the file was downloaded correctly, but as soon as I plugged the USB cable from the board to the computer it was supposed to automatically start the board communication. It was not so. I got a message saying: "Could not install device driver software". I tried to install manually from the control panel of the computer, but did not correctly identify the board. Could someone tell me how to do to use Arduino?
Thank you very much

Is it a clone? Many of the clones use a different serial adapter, so they need different drivers. Check the markings on the black chip near the USB connector, it will likely say 16u2 (official drivers), FT232, CH340G or CP2102.
If it's anything other than 16u2, Google that part number, your operating system, and the word "drivers", download, install, enjoy.

It is not a clone. When I tried to update the driver manually I got a message saying:

"Windows found driver software for the device, but an error occurred while trying to install it. Arduino Uno. A service installation section in this INF is not valid.
If you know who manufactured the device, look for driver software information in the Technical Support section of the manufacturer's website. "

But for some reason, the working arduino window does open. That is, the window with the "void setup ()" and the "void loop ()" is available.

Try using the Web based IDE. It could be that your Arduino itself is broken.