problem with nokia 1616 lcd adafruit library

hi everyone
i am using arduino uno and adafruit SPFD5412B library( GitHub - fire0shadow/Adafruit-SPFD54124B: Connect Nokia 1616/C1-0x display to Arduino ) the problem is lcd wont show anything!!!
connections are correct and problem is not from lcd i know that becouse i found another library ( and its working fine but adafruit library wont work
here is my code from adafruit example:
i cant figure out the problem tnx for help.

#include <SPI.h>#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>#include <Adafruit_SPFD54124B.h>
#define TFT_CS    		10#define TFT_RESET  		12
#define BLACK           0x0000#define BLUE            0x001F#define RED             0xF800#define GREEN           0x07E0#define CYAN            0x07FF#define MAGENTA         0xF81F#define YELLOW          0xFFE0#define WHITE           0xFFFF
Adafruit_SPFD54124B display(TFT_RESET, TFT_CS);
void setup(void) {  display.begin();  display.setRotation(2);
  display.fillScreen(WHITE);  display.fillRect(0, 0, 130, 24, BLACK);
  display.setTextColor(WHITE);  display.setCursor(16, 16);  display.print("Hello World");}
void loop() {}

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