Problem with OV7670 images

Hello everybody

So im trying to get images from my OV7670 after I store them in an SD card.

I have an arduino due

So I followed this guide

but this guide sends the picture to the PC so I took how to store them in an SD card from this guide

Now the problem is the 2nd guide is really terrible and doesnt explain fully how to obtain the image after storing in the SD card it shows a python script and the guy says use a hex editor then throw the file in the python script (im not sure even how to do that but i tried) and I get an error that says "line 9, in for row in csvreader: _csv error : iterator should return strings not bytes (did you open the file in text mode?)

I read in the comments someone saying remove the b from rb but all i get is another error in line 17 data = columnvector[0]
indexerror: list index out of range
and now im completely stuck and no idea how to continue i tried using this site
but nothing the image is completely corrupted im not sure if its real or if its the site
anyway the code is in the attachment along with couple of raw files and a hex editor file if anyone has any background with this i appreciate the help
Camera_test.ino (22.2 KB)
T1.txt (230 KB)
T1.txt (75 KB)
T2.txt (75 KB)
T3.txt (75 KB)