problem with pin19

Hi, I'm new here... I hope to be in the right section...

I've build an Arduino board on a protoboard... but i've a problem with the pin19...

When i start the protoboard the LED out from pin19 dosen't work, and when i verified there is no electricity in the pin19... I've search on the web and i've see that from pin19 has to go out 5v....

I don't know, i've try with a second atmega8.... and the same things...

Someone has an idea ?



What schematic are you trying to implement. When you say Pin 19 are you referring to the actual pin on the chip. If so this is the Port B pin 5 output often referred to as Analogue 5. If this is the case than it powers up as an analogue input and so will have no voltage on it.

P.S. You don't say:- "there is no electricity in the pin19" you say there is no voltage on it.

Thanks for your answer.... and sorry for my english.... I can't post a photo, so i try to explain you... I've build the arduino on a Protoboard with a atmega8 chip, here the LINK with a photo : and here the page with the Pin Mapping :

When i say the Pin 19, is the digital pin 13... and i don't understand why it dosen't works...



That looks like a “bare” atmega8; for the arduino environment to work, the mega8 chip has to have had the arduino “bootloader” installed in its flash memory. Some vendors sell the chip with the bootloader already installed, or you can install it yourself using a conventional AVR device programmer.

Thanks.... I'll tell you if i can with this....



Hi, i've try... but nothing. When i try to update smething this is the error : avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

and when i try to do the bootloader from arduino this is the error: Could not find USB device 0x1781/0xc9f

I'm using a ft232rl usb card....

I don't know... thanks agian


If you have a RAW ATMEGA8, you need to get the bootloader on it. If you don't have an Atmega programmer that is AVRDUDE compatible, (the error message makes it look that way) take a look at this URL to see what you need to do--->

There is a good explanation of how to get started.

This is how I program all my blanks with arduino bootloader.