problem with program on gesture contolled robot using RF tx,rx

hello guys i am facing few prblems with my project
first i verified the entire program sketch i think there is no problem with it

but the problems are
1)I am unable to open the source file(.ino)which has the program(even if i open it with add file from sketch)
2)I am unable to upload the program to arduino uno board it says the board is already running with other program

please help me out guys

I have added virtualwire library to my program.
I have attached both programs for transmitter and receiver
I will be happy if I get a solution to sortout this issue

trialtx.ino.ino (1.5 KB)

robotrx.ino.ino (2.11 KB)

There is something missing from your description.

You say you have verified the program, but you can't do that unless the IDE can open your .ino file

The usual reasons for not being able to upload a program are either that the IDE is trying to upload it to the wrong serial port OR you have selected the wrong board when you compiled the program - for example compiled for a Mega and trying to upload to an Uno.

Post the exact text of the error messages that you get.


ino.ino seems to make me think you have saved it as a new sketch into the folder of an other sketch.
Both programs compiled for me as a UNO board sketch.
And both uploaded to UNO.
When you look at the sketch with windows explorer, does the filename have the arduino green icon next to it.
If you double click the filename does the IDE automatically open and load the sketch?

Tom... :slight_smile: