Problem with PS2 libraries

With every PS2 library I try, other than PS2Keyboard library,I always get an error like this saying:

C:\Users\regor2\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ps2/ps2.h:11:22: error: WProgram.h: No such file or directory

This one is the ps2 library (the ps2_mouse example)

The library location looks like this: C:/Users/regor2/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ps2/ Which, with my understanding is the way it should look by what it said at!
Just to make sure, I then installed the Time library which does work!
I am running Windows 7.
Any suggestions on what to try next?

The library sounds like it is an old version.
Change the references to WProgram.h in the library files to Arduino.h

Thanks for the help! Karma for you...