problem with Pulleys on stepper motor

Some friends gave me that stepper motor it come with the pulley
I do not know how to get that pulley out,
Any help will be appreciated

:confused: :confused:

there is no any screw here

The first (plan) view makes think there is a screw that could be opened by putting a pair of points into the slots in the ring that surrounds what appears to be a hex nut.

But I have never seen anything like that before and if I had not seen it I would have expected the pulley be removable with a puller. However there would be little point in trying to use a puller if there is actually a screwed retainer.

Maybe someone else will come along who has direct experience of that type of fitting.

What is the pulley made from? And do you need to remove it without damaging it?


Thank for help.
I dont need the pulley. so i dont care to crush it
i just dont know if i crush the polley i just dont want to make some dmg to the motor or to the shaft

BTW that's a sproket, not a pulley.

Is it metal? If so it looks like hardened steel and you will not easily crush it without specialist
equipment. Unscrewing the retaining nut is the obvious approach, but will probably need a
special tool fabricating and you'll have to figure out if its rh or lh threaded.

It looks like T5 10mm belt sprocket, if so its easy to get hold of the belting and other sprockets.

thank you markT

it is not metal its plastic POM
there is 30tooth and the diamiter (max , the outside ) is 30mm

If it is plastic and you don't want it then I suggest you break the plastic parts off and see what remains.

If you don't want to do that can you post a slightly oblique photo of the face of the sprocket so we can see the two slots in the ring more clearly.

I have occasionally had success in removing that type of ring by sticking the points of a small pliers into them and rotating them with a screwdriver used as a tommy-bar. But it is really a job for 3 hands because you also need to prevent the shaft from turning. And, as @MarkT said, it could be a left-hand thread. But DO NOT try this with a good-quality pliers.


It's my impression that (in the upper photo) the two squarish indentations are some sort of shim with a ratchet on one side. They're shoved in to tighten the sprocket onto the center part.

Personally, I'd consult Dr. Dremel.

It's my impression that (in the upper photo) the two squarish indentations are some sort of shim with a ratchet on one side.

That crossed my mind which is why I suggested another photo.

Personally, I'd consult Dr. Dremel.

I have converted to Herr Proxxon.