Problem with Pulswidthmodulation

I connected a motor through an H-Bridge to the PWM output of the Arduino NG Controller. The problem is that I only get a max. of 3.3 Volts from the Arduino and then it goes back to 0. Is there a way to get more Volts (maybe up to 12?) from the PWM Output?

Thanks in advance.

First you should get 5V from the Arduino not 3.3 as it's TTL.

A H-Bridge consists out two NPN-PNP-Transistor- or Mosfet-Pairs and doesn't need it's power voltage supply as PWM (and I guess the 12 V you are talking about is the Voltage for your motor). The usual Logic Voltage is about 5V and that is what you need to control your H-Bridge.

Use a different Power supply for the H-Bridge Power Voltage (you should maybe have a look in its datasheet.)

If you still want a 12V PWM just use a Transistor.

Ok. It was a measuring error ::) You are right, I get the 5V from the Arduino. Thanks for your help!